But Why?

Is it all really necessary?

After all, everyone knows the story…

Sadly, this is no longer true. The nativity is fading out of Christmas:

Meeting the Public

  • 36% of 18-25 year olds in Britain do not know the story at all. They don’t even know where Jesus was born.
  • Only 44% of junior school children know that Christmas is meant to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
  • Less than 2% of Christmas cards have a religious theme.


Nine out of ten people who count themselves as Christians do not go to church. Their children only come across the story via the infant school Nativity Play. They are unlikely ever to hear it again.

If we want to see these statistics change, then it is the churches’ job to make it happen. No-one will do it for us. And soon it will be too late to turn back the clock.