Cwm Cynon Christmas The Story is part of an initiative which started in Cardiff in 2010 . The aim is to make the nativity story accessible to all.

Cwm Cynon Christmas The Story was launched in St Elvans Church Aberdare in December 2013The cast was made up of volunteers from churches and chapels throughout the Cynon Valley. The free performances of Christmas The Story attracted almost 2,500 people to the town’s church during the first week of December. We had many visitors from local schools.  Children loved the after show activities;  we provided an art station, a hand bell workshop and the chance to meet our star donkeys. We turned quite a few heads in Aberdare when the cast headed into town to take the donkeys for a walk between performances. In 2018 we moved to our new venue Green St Methodist Church.

[Donkeys provided by: http://www.mikesdonkeys.co.uk]